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SM Energy Station

An Energy Charge in Super Metroid.

Energy Charge stations (as named in the Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide) are first encountered in Super Metroid, and only in that game. The devices are silver, domed machines with two sockets for Samus's Arm Cannon, and are always found within a blue-colored room. They serve as a location to recharge Samus Aran' Energy, hence the name. These stations seem to be designed specifically for the Chozo Power Suit technology by the recent Chozo inhabitants of the planet.

The energy charge unit was preceded by the Big Energy Ball in Metroid II: Return of Samus. This item was unlimited in its dispensable energy, and was not connected to any sort of networking power system. The device was only observed on Zebes, on Samus's second mission to the planet. Post-Super Metroid made games combined the functions of other types of stations to incorporate energy recharging, such as in the Prime series and Metroid: Zero Mission, where Save Stations were used to recharge energy. The Energy Charge of Super Metroid seems to contain a Big Energy Ball.


  • One of the manga strips in the Super Metroid manga, titled "Regular Recharge", depicts Samus nearly drowning in water, and then getting electrocuted by an Energy Charge (that she mistook for an Energy Tank).
  • If Samus sticks her Arm Cannon into the charger then immediately pauses the game, then unpauses, she will be able to remove her cannon and leave the room. The message stating that the Energy recharge has been completed will appear as Samus is about to leave. This is a tactic often used by speedrunners.

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