Energy Generator

The Energy Generator is a generator device of Galactic Federation design, present on Bryyo. It is intended to provide power to the GF Fuel Gel pumping crane in the Hidden Court of Bryyo's Cliffside, and plays a role in the lengthy puzzle required to find Energy Cell ID: DS-5310L-4.

Samus first discovers it in the North Jungle Court while trying to destroy the Bryyo Seed's Leviathan Shield. However, she cannot interact with it initially. After acquiring the Ship Grapple Beam and extending the Bryyo Cliffside side of the Machineworks Bridge, Samus can return to the North Jungle Court and call her Gunship to remove the generator, which has a Ship Grapple Point on it. Its removal reveals a tunnel Samus can navigate with her Morph Ball, which leads to the Bryyo Thorn Jungle side of the Machineworks Bridge. Once Samus connects it, she is able to travel between the Thorn Jungle and Cliffside without her Gunship.

Back in the Hidden Court, Samus can call her Gunship in to place the generator in a machine next to the Fuel Gel pumping crane. The generator will cause the machine to rotate until the now exposed Energy Cell is in front of Samus for her to collect.


North Jungle Court
"Energy generator can power large devices. This unit may be moved to a new location."
Hidden Court
"Energy generator online. Power being supplied to pump. Operating at 75% capacity."

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