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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from a guide or the game's internal data.

The Enoema Living Weapons project was an unsuccessful experiment conducted by the Enoema in A Sinister Laboratory. It sought to build an assortment of living weapons, including the Volt Driver and Stinglarva. They were living because they were capable of using DNA and energy from the immediate environment and several creatures. The intended focus of the project was to create an invincible, emotionless supersoldier. The mental combat-encoding process went awry due to an unseen flaw, which left the Enoema test subject, Kanden, exceptionally strong, but also insane. Kanden destroyed the laboratory, killed all of the scientists and departed for space, becoming a Bounty Hunter.

Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Kanden wasn't the only creation of the Enoema Living Weapons project. Like the bounty hunter who wields it, the Volt Driver is a living weapon that incorporates DNA from several different creatures that specialize in surviving hostile environments. Its hard exoskeleton protects a gelatinous body that is capable of transforming energy from a planet's magnetic field into waves of high-voltage electricity. The Volt Driver can then discharge that energy as high-velocity energy blasts."

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