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Escape-ship bay

The full room.

The escape-ship bay[1] was a room on the Space Pirate Mother Ship in Metroid: Zero Mission.


As the name implies, the room is a docking bay for escape ships in case the Mother Ship's countdown sequence is triggered. However, the actual ships cannot be immediately accessed as they are barred by gates with Ridley's silhouette marked on them. The room is primarily composed of the purple mechanical structure present throughout the Mother Ship. Tunnels exist above and below the ship bay.



Samus battles one of the Pirates.

Samus first comes through the bay via a tunnel, while she is attempting to stealth her way through the Mother Ship in search of escape.

Following her recovery of the Fully Powered Suit and defeat of the Ridley Robot, the Ship's countdown sequence is triggered. Samus returns to the escape-ship bay in bipedal form, but is confronted by two black Zebesians.

After destroying them, the gates open and Samus is able to access the Zebesian Pirate Ships. She kills a Zebesian in one Escape Ship and takes it for herself, flying out of the Mother Ship before it explodes (if the player chose to spare the Zebesian in question, another Zebesian will end up killing the former occupant in turn). Humorously, another Zebesian tries to climb onto Samus's shuttle, but is killed by the impact.

Samus then leaves Zebes once again and returns to Galactic Federation Headquarters to report that her Zero Mission is complete.



  • This room's battle with the Pirates becomes extremely difficult on Low Percent Runs of the game, as Samus can easily be killed if she has not obtained enough Energy Tanks. One tactic is to kneel by the ledge and shoot the Pirates as they ascend the wall, allowing Samus to kill them without taking any damage.