Experiment 7526

Experiment 7526 was an unsuccessful attempt at converting a Space Pirate into an Elite Pirate. Its remains can be seen inside a tall, indestructible Xenome Containment Unit in the Research Lab Aether room of the Phendrana Drifts, in Metroid Prime.

Interestingly, it resembles a Zebesian moreso than any other Pirate on Tallon IV.


"This tank holds the remains of experiment 7526. Conversion of Elite Pirate unsuccessful."


Metroid banner 2

Early concept art

E3 2001 concept art of Prime depicted a creature that shared superficial similarities with several other creatures, such as the coloration and head of the Parasite Queen, the asymmetry and tentacles of the two forms of Metroid Prime, and a claw like that of a Zebesian. This creature highly resembles experiment 7526. An anonymous developer from Retro Studios later revealed that this creature was a scrapped enemy, a mutated Space Pirate that was a failure in the Pirate Phazon experiments. It was then repurposed as background fodder. [1]


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