Environmental Test Floor simulated desert area Pyrosphere HD

Samus enters the Environmental Test Floor of the experimental simulated desert area.

This elevator is bound for Sector 3. A Level 4 warning is now in effect in Sector 3. An irregularity has been confirmed in the Geothermal Power Plant and the experimental simulated desert area. All staff members are asked to please evacuate immediately.

Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer

Environment Test floor concept art

Environmental Test Floor Gallery Mode art.

The experimental simulated desert area is sub-section of the Pyrosphere in Metroid: Other M. As its name implies, it is meant to mimic a desert area in contrast to the lava-filled portions of the Pyrosphere. It is similar to the desert portion of Sector 3 of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station.

Experimental simulated desert area 4

Samus combats the Rhedogian for a third time.

The desert area always consists of a sand-covered floor, and has multiple exhaust vents in the indoor rooms that release flames, resembling flame jets. One of these constantly exhausts flames, and can be frozen and the cover opened to reveal a Small crate and Missile Tank in one room. The only named rooms here are the Environmental Test Floor, most likely used to test the Holographic Generator, and the Desert Refinery- this last contains an Elevator room where the Rhedogian is fought again. The Elevator leads down to a large room that contains another Missile Tank and a pool of Lava. The area is populated by Mellas, Novas, Dessgeegas, and Sandfangs in the sand nevironments, FG-1000, FG II-Graham, and Heat Bulls in the Refinery, and a Dragotix, Rhedogian, and Magdollite in the elevator sublevel.




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