Eyeflyers are a new enemy seen in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. They have a single, distinctive eye and a purple color. They are a species or a mechanism of Space Pirate design or use, and behave similarly to "Jolly Roger" Drones. Eyeflyers are encountered during battles, usually being spawned to defend an enemy of the Federation Force, a Space Pirate object of importance or Pirate forces. They are seen on the power station while protecting the Generator (M03: Smokestack), inside the crashed G.F.S. Daedalus while attacking the Data Uplink (M11: Uplink), and the abandoned outpost while defending the Transfer Device (M19: Incursion). Eyeflyers are weak and can be quickly killed, but their speed of movement can hinder the Federation Force. They often serve as distractions, to draw the Force's attention away from whatever they need to destroy or protect.