Falls of Fire is a room in Bryyo Cliffside in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The entrance contains more remains of the G.F.S. Theseus. There are two Gel Puffers floating among two waterfalls of Fuel Gel which must be frozen with Ice Missiles to get across the chasm. At the end there is a Bryyonian Labor Golem which Samus must use to reach the bottom of this room. Samus can activate the golem by turning into the Morph Ball and laying a Bomb in the chest of the golem, which contains a Bomb Slot. The golem will then jump down to the bottom of the room, taking Samus with it. If Samus wishes to return to the upper level, she must lay another Bomb and the golem will Wall Jump to the top. The bottom of the room has a White Blast Shield and a Missile Expansion Samus can get once she has the Screw Attack.

Connecting roomsEdit



Missile Expansion
When Samus has the Screw Attack, she can use Wall Jump Surfaces to get up to the expansion.


Bryyonian Labor Golem
"Bryyonian Labor Golem appears deteriorated but still functional. A concussive blast may activate it."


  • The room's name would seem to indicate that firefalls exist in the room, but this is false. It is similar to how Bryyo Fire is considered the lava area of the planet.

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