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The false Energy Tank is, as its name reveals, a false Energy Tank. Samus Aran encounters one in Sector 5 aboard the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion.

When Samus first enters the room, the creature looks like a normal Energy Tank. However, once she gets close to it, eyes and bat-like wings appear from the item. Once Samus fires a Missile at the "awakened" tank, it will transform into an X Parasite. If she bombs the wall in front of her, she will obtain a real Energy Tank.

The false Energy Tank provides another example, along with the SA-X and other creatures, of an X parasite apparently mimicking an inorganic, mechanical object. When agitated, the tank reveals itself to be at least partially organic in nature, lending strong support to the theory that X parasites do indeed create these seemingly metallic components out of organic material.

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