Fault Line (Level) 1

The open courtyard that makes up the center of the level.

The Fault Line is a large multiplayer level in the MPH Multiplayer. It is based on the room of the same name in the Metroid Prime Hunters single player mode. Containing many floors, tunnels of ice, and many Jump Pads, as well as Affinity Weapons such as the Imperialist and Battlehammer, make it easy for any Bounty Hunter to navigate the area.

Fault Line is not a default stage, and it must be unlocked by playing 22 local games.


Battle/Survival/Prime HunterEdit

Samus' Morph Ball Alt-Form is fast and simple to maneuver, which is good for navigating hallways, and her Missiles, when charged, seek targets. This is an advantage for her when combative in an open part of the Fault Line.


Any large open area with lots of ledges suits Trace's sniper skills, especially when he has access to his Affinity Weapon, the Imperialist, and cloaking upgrades.


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