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Metroid Other M Adam Malkovich

Commander Adam Malkovich wears Federation Formal Dress throughout the Metroid Manga, and in flashbacks in Metroid: Other M.

The Federation Formal Dress consists of a sailor-like blue and white hat with gold lining and a black cap, with the Galactic Federation insignia on the front of it. This is followed by a military jacket with a white chest and torso, falling to a triangle below the pelvis. Just above the waist the white section is clasped with several badges, three on each side, and like the hat it is bordered with gold. Two straps are hooked on the shoulders. Around the neck is a collar featuring a gold medallion-like clasp, with a rope curling to a red pin on the right side of the white flap. To Malkovich's left, "various badges and his section ID are displayed." On his right arm is more insignia.

The Federation Formal Dress is said to be the clothing of a Federation Military High Official. In Metroid: Other M, Adam only wears the formal dress in flashbacks of Samus Aran's early Federation days, and throughout the game wears Combat Armor.

Officials of the Federation seen in the meeting room wear outfits similar to Adam's.