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Figma is a Japanese action figure line, featuring a figure of the Varia Suit released in conjunction with Max Factory's other Zero Suit Samus statue (with a Metroid) with their appearances being based on Metroid: Other M. Their next figure will be of the same Zero Suit model previously released as a statue, which will then be followed by a Varia Suit figure based on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Other Samus figures include ones produced by First 4 Figures, Yujin, JoyRide Studios and Jakks Pacific, as well as amiibo.

The figures are the most elaborate of the produced figures to date as it features a multitude of accessories. Samus' left hand is interchangeable and can be a clenched fist, relaxed hand, giving a thumbs up and with the fingers spread. The Morph Ball, a posing stand, Arm Cannon tip with Missiles or beams equipped and two beam shots, a single and double shot, are other accessories. The Zero Suit figure features the Paralyzer, Adam's helmet and a swappable head of the younger Samus with shorter hair and an earpiece. Both figures are very poseable.

A version of Samus in her Zero Suit was teased at Winter Wonder Festival 2014.[1] A prototype version of the figure was finally shown at Winter Wonder Festival 2016.[2] At the same event, a Varia Suit figure based on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was teased.[3]



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