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The Fireflea is a small organism native to the planet Zebes. Found in Brinstar and Lower Norfair, these creatures possess a highly bioluminescent abdomen which produces a fluctuating stream of light that easily illuminates the dark rooms they live in. Firefleas are also seen traveling in swarms, making for a completely lighted area.

The Firefleas will cause damage on contact, however due to their extreme fragility, touching them will also kill them. This property makes the areas they inhabit quite problematic, as they are the only source of light in these dark rooms that usually feature hazards such as Spikes, requiring Samus to advance while avoiding the inconveniently placed Firefleas. Killing them will result in a decrease of the visible light in a room, becoming darker with each one extinguished and making it harder to see the danger nearby.

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In Metroid Prime, a similar species known as the Plazmite inhabit Tallon IV and serve the same purpose of lighting up dark rooms. Although different physiologically and less fragile, these Plazmites were originally called Firefleas in early versions of the game. The Glow Fly of SR388 is another creature with a bioluminescent ability.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid ManualEdit

"These enemies emit light. If you blast them, the surrounding area will become darker."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Eliminating this character will cause the lights to go out."

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