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The Fireflea is an insect-like organism native to the planet Zebes. Found primarily in Brinstar, these creatures possess a highly bioluminescent abdomen which produces a fluctuating stream of light that easily lights even large rooms. Firefleas also are known to travel in swarms, making for a completely lighted area. Like most creatures on Zebes, the Fireflea will cause damage when contact is made; not only that, they are also very fragile, and when touched will not only cause damage to the contactee, but will kill the Fireflea. This property makes the areas they habitate quite dangerous, as they are the only source of light in these rooms. Touching (killing) them will result in a decrease of the visible light in a room, becoming darker with each one extinguished.

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A similar species appeared on Tallon IV and served a very similar purpose. Its name was the Plazmite, but was different physiologically and could directly attack. It was also less fragile than the Fireflea. The Fireflea was originally in Metroid Prime, but was renamed as the Plazmite. The Glow Fly of SR388 also appears similar.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid ManualEdit

"These enemies emit light. If you blast them, the surrounding area will become darker."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Eliminating this character will cause the lights to go out."

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