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! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

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The central 'stem' and head of the plant.
Featured in Metroid Prime
Location Sunchamber, Chozo Ruins
Attacks Toxic blasts, ability to grow venomous plantlife, a pair of vicious scythes on its 'forearms', and club-like spiked tentacles guarding its roots.
Weakness Vulnerable to Morph Ball Bombs at its roots; stunned by concentrated weapons fire; requires constant concentrated sunlight provided by reflecting panels.
Reward(s) Varia Suit

Flaahgra is an enormous mutated plant-like creature in Metroid Prime and is the main boss of the Chozo Ruins.


That which fouls the waters seeks the sun.


Flaahgra was likely once an ordinary plant, perhaps even a sacred one, as it had the honor of being the Chozo's centerpiece flower in the Sunchamber. However, the destructive Phazon mutated it beyond all recognition, resulting in this monstrous beast.

Flaaghra extended its vile roots to all corners of the Chozo Ruins, and began to secrete a poison which tainted the waters of the Ruins. The water was so toxic and corrosive that it dealt damage to Samus on contact, but it was totally cleansed the instant Flaahgra was defeated.


Prime Trilogy - Flaahgra

Samus battles the Flaahgra.

Flaahgra begins the battle with one solar panel active. If Samus can disable it with Missiles or Charge Beam shots, she can switch off the Mirror Arrays that give Flaahgra the sunlight from FS-176 that it needs to stay alive and function. When the solar arrays retract, it will collapse and its tentacles retract, allowing her to enter a Morph Ball-sized tunnel and Bomb the creature's base. The process repeats, as Flaahgra activates one more reflector panel each time, up to a maximum of four. Flaahgra can also restore power to the disabled panels if Samus is too slow to blast the rest of them.

In terms of offense, Flaahgra can slash with its enormous scythes, spit out energy spheres and spray a substance that spawns acidic plants along the floor. Flaahgra can be temporarily stunned by repeated blows to the head and chest, a charged Power Beam shot, or a missile. After all four trenches have been bombed, the beast dies, and the ruins' water supply returns to its normal, unpolluted state.

Flaahgra artwork

Concept art

Official dataEdit

Official websiteEdit

"Flaahgra is a massive plant-based life-form with a snake-like body and powerful arms. It gains its strength from sunlight. The tentacles it uses to attach itself to the ground are also used to absorb water. The creature's mutated hydration system pollutes the water source with noxious excretions, creating the perfect environment for Flaahgra's growth and nourishment. Flaahgra is extremely territorial, and will viciously attack any intruders."

Its central nervous system is located near its base, where sprawling tentacles are tightly affixed to the ground."

Logbook entriesEdit

Logbook entries
Flaahgra "This mutant plant is the source of toxic water in the ruins. Flaahgra's growth cycle has been radically accelerated. As a result, it requires near-constant exposure to solar energy to remain active. This exposure has made Flaahgra's outer shell thick and durable. Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short periods, but its lower root system is unprotected and vulnerable, however. Exploit this flaw when possible."
Flaahgra Tentacle "One of Flaahgra's tentacles fills a narrow drainage channel in the Sunchamber. Analysis indicates that Flaahgra's central nervous system may be located at the base of this structure."
Spreading Evil "The cries of this dying land echo in our ears as we Chozo watch the Great Poison seep ever further into the living pulse of the planet. The dark energy sinks into the trees and waters, devouring all life. Peaceful beasts die by the thousands - some creatures survive, but their forms grow as twisted and evil as the force that fell from the sky. Many of these mutated monstrosities remain small enough to do little harm, but others grow enormous and threaten our very existence. One such beast defiles our sacred fountain, disgorging poison from its foul form, replacing pure, flowing water with cascades of creeping death. Even in the face of such horror, we Chozo do not turn in fear. We are all that stands in the way of this Great Poison, and it is our duty to contain it."

Mike Sneath interviewEdit

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Flaahgra is the first boss character that Andrew Jones concepted. This creature was a lot of fun to work on because Andrew did about five variations for the creature. There was the ‘core’ concept, but I ended up taking a few other details from the other variations Andrew created. Todd Keller created a concept for giant plant flower that Flaahgra sits inside of. The first version of this boss had all the tentacles as part of the plant. Later the designers decided to detach the tentacles and make them more part of the room like you see in the game. The room and creature sort of evolved together as the designers worked their way through how this boss character would play out.


  • Disturbingly, the centre of Flaaghra's face resembles a monstrous skull with blank white eyes.
  • Before entering the Sunchamber, a Holobanner depicting a picture of Flaahgra in pink can be seen, but is not scannable.
  • Flaahgra may have originally been a large Bloodflower before it was heavily mutated by Phazon.
  • For reasons undisclosed as of yet, in the PAL and Japanese versions of Metroid Prime, an extended version of Flaahgra's theme plays when it is fought. It is said that the music does not loop correctly in the NTSC versions of Metroid Prime.[1] The Wii versions retain the full rendition of the theme.
  • Interestingly, after obtaining the Thermal Visor, the flower is seen to be still giving off heat. This may mean that Flaahgra is still alive but crippled and unable to poison the water; it may also mean that the plant is simply no longer corrupted.
  • Flaahgra's claws and head strongly resemble those of a praying mantis.
  • If Samus Sequence Breaks by running through the Magmoor Caverns early without the Varia Suit, she can return and battle Flaahgra with a full arsenal. The bomb slots can be detonated with Power Bombs, and Flaahgra can also be damaged with the Wavebuster. [1]
  • Likewise, if Samus obtains the Space Jump before facing Flaahgra, she can detonate the Bomb Slots from the outside by space-jumping onto Flaahgra's platform and laying bombs before sliding off.
  • Flaaghra resembles Snimon from Digimon.
  • Flaaghra bears resemblance to Diababa from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are also both plant-like entities that mutated from exposure to something (Flaaghra from Phazon, Diababa from the dark artifact it possesses).
  • Flaahgra, along with the Parasite Queen, are the only major bosses in Metroid Prime that do not appear in Metroid Prime Pinball.



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