! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

Flaahgra has four Tentacles that protect the four weak spots at its base. These Tentacles are green, feature small red thorns, and whip at Samus if she gets too close. For this reason they are similar to a mace or flail. Each Tentacle obstructs a tunnel leading to a Bomb Slot under Flaahgra. To remove the Tentacles Samus is required to knock out the Mirror Arrays giving Flaahgra energy. All Tentacles retract into the ground as Flaahgra is stunned, giving Samus an opportunity to damage Flaahgra. If Flaahgra recovers before she can attack it, she will be ejected from the tunnel and whipped by the Tentacle. Each Tentacle is destroyed along with its tunnel.

Logbook entryEdit

Flaahgra Tentacle scanpic

Flaahgra Tentacle

Metroid Prime

Temporary scan

One of Flaahgra's tentacles fills a narrow drainage channel.

Logbook entry

Analysis indicates that Flaahgra's central nervous system may be located at the base of this structure.

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