The Flag Bridge (also known as the Command Bridge), is the control center of the G.F.S. Olympus. This room is where the ship's systems are controlled and where the commander of the ship gives orders. There is a navigation station at the bottom of the bridge on the "right" side in respect to viewing the bridge from the upper level. A defense station lies to the left of the navigation console, while a tactical console lies behind both of the two consoles. There are two gunnery stations at the sides of the bridge, one for heavy weapons and one for standard beam weapons. At the top of the bridge, there is a helm station. All of these stations, except for the gunnery stations, are manned by Male Fleet Troopers. Behind the helm station are hallways that grant access to other rooms, such as the way to the Ready Room and the Lift Access Recharge Station. The way to the Aurora Chamber via Aurora Access is blocked by a blast shield directly behind the helm console, showing how important the Aurora Units are to the Galactic Federation. A single Federation Marine stands in the way to the Ready Room, requesting that Samus use the recharge station in Lift Access. After she does so, he allows access to the Ready Room. Additionally, another Marine stands in the way of the Aurora Access after Samus receives the PED Suit, and allows access upon being talked to.

Connecting roomsEdit



Helm Station
"Station configured for helm officer. The ship's helmsman steers the G.F.S. Olympus from this console."
Tactical Station
"Ship's tactical station engaged. Standby protocols initiated. All troopers to ready stations."
Astrogation Station
"This is the astrogation station. The astrogator plots courses for the G.F.S. Olympus Olympus console."
Gunnery Station
"Gunnery station active and online. Station controls heavy weapons. Targeting systems on standby."
Gunnery Station
"Gunnery station active and online. Station controls Beam weapons. Targeting systems on standby."
Defense system
"Defense systems station active. All shields in standby mode. All troopers to ready stations."
Blast Shield
"Security door is locked shut. Only authorized personnel are permitted inside the AU chamber."


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