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Flame Attack MOM

The Flame Attack in Other M.

Flame Attack[1] (called phantom eyes in Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition) is the signature attack of the Space Pirate apparition Phantoon. These appear as several blue-colored flames resembling teardrops and are used by Phantoon in both appearances where it is fought as a boss, Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M. Both games depict them as eyeballs with blue irises and flames. Phantoon unleashes these as his main attack against Samus in Super Metroid, but has some additional ones in Other M. Super Metroid makes up for its limitations by having more creative uses for the Flame Attack, while in Other M the flames are simply unleashed in a nonstop fashion, homing in on Samus unless she SenseMoves them. They are an effective attack, however, as the hits to Samus can build up over time and weaken her to other attacks of Phantoon.

In Super Metroid, Phantoon appears in its room first by summoning a ring of flames (which do not have eyeballs) in the midair center, which close in on Phantoon as it materializes. Phantoon will commonly fly around with its eye closed, dropping flames. These flames will bounce off of the ground and walls a few times and then dissipate, and they can be shot for Energy Capsules and Missile Ammo. Phantoon will end this cycle by opening its eye. Doing so sends a wave of flames as the ghost disappears. Usually, Phantoon then drops flames invisibly as a distraction technique and suddenly becomes visible, hitting Samus if it reappears in her current position. Phantoon then drops a string of flames from the ceiling in a domino-like effect, in the second wave there is a gap in between the flames so that Samus can dodge with it. The flames can also be shot. While visible during this attack, Phantoon is vulnerable to Samus' fire.

Boss phantoon

Super Metroid

If Samus shoots a Super Missile at Phantoon it will take damage, scream and then disappear. It will reappear at the top of the screen, with its eye closed, and release eight waves of flames. The Spin Jump Attack is the only way Samus can pass through these attacks unscathed.


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