The Flashing Lights are a Board Feature in Metroid Prime Pinball. They appear as either arrows or circles on the surface of a table that constantly flash to show available shots. The colors and shapes are:

  • White Arrow - Makes a Combo
  • Blue Circle - Adds another letter to the S-A-M-U-S Lights
  • Green Circle - Opens a multiball lock
  • Green Arrow - Locks a ball or starts multiball
  • Purple Arrow - Energizes the Kickback
  • Red Circle - Advances the Wall Jump lights
  • Red Arrow - Starts Wall Jump once all red circles are lit
  • Orange Arrow - Diverts the ball into the Bumpers and indicates which ramp completes the Hurry Up minigame
  • Yellow Dot - Starts the Hurry Up minigame once all are lit
  • Red and Blue Arrow - Advances or starts Phazon Multiball (exclusive to Tallon Overworld)