Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Flesh-eating bacteria is a disease. The presence of this bacteria was initially revealed in the scan of the Zoomer in Metroid Prime Hunters. The Zoomer is well known for carrying these bacteria, and since it has migrated to many planets through means of stowing away on board visiting star ships, the flesh-eating bacteria has consequently spread to each of the environments it was newly introduced to; these strains of bacteria decimated the populations of native wildlife of Zebes.

Zoomer Logbook entryEdit

"Best known for breeding rapidly and carrying disease, ZOOMERS are responsible for the spread of flesh-eating bacteria on ZEBES, resulting in the extinction of many native species."


  • The medical term for "flesh-eating bacteria" is necrotizing faciitis (NF), and is contracted primarily from handling raw sewage without proper gear. However, the bacterium responsible (Group A Streptococcus and Staphylococcus) can be destroyed through exposure to household bleach. The bacteria does not literally eat flesh, but causes severe degradation (necrosis) of the skin through its chemicals. There are fewer than 500 cases recorded worldwide per year.

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