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Flip Jump

Samus does a Flip Jump in the air.

The Flip Jump is an attack of Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is her down special move, and when executed, she will flip into the air. Zero Suit Samus will flash as she does a flip and an arching jump through the air. This provides horizontal and vertical recovery. It functions as Zero Suit Samus's third jump, but does not put her into helpless mode, allowing her to use her Plasma Whip/Wire in addition, which makes up for its relatively short length. This move provides a short time of invincibility for Zero Suit Samus during the initial rise. She cannot perform the Flip Jump again until she lands, even if she is hit before returning to the stage.

If Zero Suit Samus hits a wall while performing the Flip Jump, she will automatically perform a Wall Jump. This does not count as the Wall Jump she can perform without landing. She will automatically do up to 4 jumps if she continues to contact them soon enough, mostly in custom stages.

After using Flip Jump in the air, Zero Suit Samus cannot land on a platform that she can go through until the move has completely finished (when she is level in height with when she started), instead she will fall through it.

If any attack button is inputted (A, B, or Z on the GameCube controller) while Zero Suit Samus is flashing, she will stick out her foot at a 45 degree angle, performing a kick. Anyone hit by the initial extension of this kick will be sent downwards in a moderate-power meteor smash. This makes for one of her few killing moves. She can also perform her down aerial attack when just past the 180 degree mark.

Samus can also footstool jump at any time during this move, off of an opponent (even if they are hanging from a ledge) or even off of any non-energy projectiles, such as Yoshi's egg, Solid Snake's grenade, or even Samus Aran's own Missile.

If Zero Suit Samus attempts to footstool jump while she is flashing, she will do a special spinning jump that goes about half the height of her double jump. This also works on items, not just characters.

Flip Jump manga

Similar move in Metroid: Volume 2.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, the move leaves an afterimage effect and is more powerful, augmented by her Jet Boots. It also has two new variants, the Low Flip, and Shooting Star Flip Kick.

  • Flip Jump - "Flip through the air. If you land on an opponent, they'll be buried in the ground." The "footstool" does 8% damage, while the kick does 14%.
  • Shooting Star Flip Kick - "The flip itself doesn't attack, but press the button again to do a descending kick." The kick does 14% damage.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Official Game GuideEdit

Stomp 8% Kick 14%:"This flip attack buries an opponent who is grounded or meteor smashes airborne opponents. Hitting the button again during this attack will kick in the direction you started the attack from unless you input the opposite direction. Zero Suit Samus has full invincibility on startup and partial invincibility on her head and lower body while flipping."

Smash TipsEdit

"Fighters struck while on the ground will be buried, while airborne fighters will be meteored.
Press the attack button during this move to launch a kick. This kick deals a lot of damage and has a powerful meteor effect, too."

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