Fly Pod Reo

A Reo-spawning Fly Pod.

Fly Pods are large, gelatinous structures encountered in several areas on board the BOTTLE SHIP in Metroid: Other M. They appear to serve as a hive for different creatures, depending on location, spawning Reos in the Biosphere and Main Sector, Mellas in the Pyrosphere, and Himellas in the Cryosphere. They are usually mottled in red and green leaf-like patterns (perhaps a form of camouflage), although they are also sheathed in fire in the Pyrosphere or encased in ice in the Cryosphere. All variants are immune to the Power Beam, but they are all vulnerable to the Plasma Beam and Wave Beam, and all except the Himella hives are vulnerable to the Ice Beam and can be destroyed by three conventional Missiles or one Super Missile or a Power Bomb, excluding those that appear in the Pyrosphere, which are immune to missiles and vulnerable to the Ice Beam. The ones in the Pyrosphere contains a fire-like casing, which is only removed by ice particles. Afterward, they can be destroyed with the Missiles. Pyrospherian Fly Pods are easily the weakest of the three variations.

Fly Pods serve the exact same role as the War Wasp Hives featured in the Metroid Prime series, which will continuously spawn War Wasps until their hives are destroyed.


  • There is one Fly Pod in the Main Sector that is hidden and spawns no enemies at all; rather, it hides a path to a Missile Tank. This expansion happens to be one of the earliest or final acquired expansions, and is near the top floor of the Bottle Ship Control Room.
  • These may be based on, or possibly related to, the X-78Q.


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