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Phendrana Drifts Screenshot (123)

Research Lab Hydra

A Force Field is an impenetrable artificial barrier generated by a power source. They are commonplace in the Prime Series, particularly in Space Pirate bases. Most of these Force Fields can be disabled simply by scanning a nearby Interface Module, although in the case of Elite Control it was Samus killing the Elite Pirate, and the Pirate's corpse exploding that disabled that room's shield. When Samus first gets to Research Lab Hydra, there is a Force Field blocking her path.

A Force Field appears in the Hall of the Elders, blocking entry and exit from the top floor. After Samus kills the Chozo Ghost in that room and activates the Wave Beam Morph Ball Slot, a Chozo Elder statue will launch her into a tunnel leading behind the Force Field; from here she can deactivate it by scanning a Module.

Force Fields are prominent in the Phazon Mines, such as in the beginning room, the Main Quarry. This particular field is a Dual-Control Force Field, deactivated by scanning two Interface Modules at the very bottom of the courtyard. As mentioned, killing the Elite Pirate in Elite Control destroys the shield while also alerting the Pirates to Samus' presence. In Omega Research, Samus can deactivate a Force Field blocking the ledges leading back to the top from either side of it. Samus can jump from the top ledge upon entry to access the room, but she must deactivate the Force Field (by scanning an Interface Module) to get back up. Even if she does so on her first visit, on return after destroying the Dynamo Unit the Force Field is back up, but gets punched out by another Elite Pirate. A Force Field blocks access to the elevator in Elite Quarters until the Omega Pirate is killed.

Metroid Prime Hunters contains color-coded Force Fields guarded by Guard Nodes. These can be destroyed with the corresponding Affinity Weapon (e.g. yellow - Volt Driver).


Phazon Mines

Dual-Control Force Field, Main Quarry

Hall of the Elders
"Safety shield online. Window secure."
"Safety shield offline. Use caution near window."
Main Quarry
"Dual-Control Force Field is online. Deactivation controls are likely nearby."
"Primary* Force Field control disabled."
Elite Control
"Force Field engaged. Deactivation required for access."
Omega Research
"Force Field offline. Access granted."
Metroid Quarantine A
"Warning: Force Field disengaged. Metroid containment area will be breached."
"Report any Force Field malfunctions to Operations Command immediately. Do not disengage Force Field without Command authorization."

* Second switch says Secondary instead of Primary.

Metroid Prime PinballEdit

Force Field

A Force Field is activated during Phazon Multiball.

The Force Field is a Board Feature in Metroid Prime Pinball that prevents Samus' Morph Ball form from going down the gutter. The Force Field is a purple band of energy that stretches between the two bottom flippers. The Force Field lasts for a set amount of time each time it is activated.

Mpp pinball1

There are several different ways the Force Field can be re-energized: respawning after the pinball falls out of the table sets the Force Field up for the longest time; using the Award Scanner and randomly receiving "Force Field" grants Samus a Force Field for a long time; or by obtaining an Extra Ball, Chozo Artifact or Special to re-energize the Force Field for a very limited time.

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