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Francisco Javier Lafuente (credited as Frank Lafuente) is an American programmer. Lafuente was a programmer for all three games in the Prime Series. He was the lead programmer for Metroid Prime, although he is credited as an additional contributor, and he became the engineering director for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Prior to joining Retro Studios, Lafuente founded a game development studio called Houseworks in 1994 and was a lead programmer at Iguana Entertainment, best known for the Turok series. After leaving Retro following the completion of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Lafuente worked at Acclaim, Insomniac Games, Junction Point Studios, Intelligent Decisions (an information technology company that works with the United States federal government) and MaxPlay. He is currently the senior gameplay programmer at Daybreak Game Company.

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Supervised and motivated 16 programmers while overseeing the development of tools, core technologies, and the game. Coordinated with needs from designers and artists.

  • Championed efforts to design the scripting tool, game architecture, AI, production pipelines for world art, level design, character development, and asset management.
  • Directed the implementation of player collision response, AI, and scripting system.


Directed a team comprised of 12 engineers while leading project management initiatives. Evaluated the cost and benefit of new technologies. Handled feature requests from the Art and Design teams. Implemented a code review process using Smart Bear software. Converted the studio culture into a culture that embraced the benefits of the review process.

  • Created a visual scripting system that garnered recognition as one of the best systems in the industry to date.
  • Scheduled and prioritized engineering tasks for Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime 3, Donkey Kong, rendering, internal tools, audio, and undisclosed development projects.
  • Served as the producer for the localization for European version of MP2.

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