Metroid Samus Returns - Samus fighting creatures 2

Samus using the Free Aim.

Free Aim or Free Aim Mode is a new feature in Metroid: Samus Returns. Previously, in 2-D Metroid games it was only possible to aim horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in a 45° angle (only horizontally or vertically in Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus). Free Aim now allows Samus to aim at 360° to more precisely target enemies. To further assist with shooting, a laser sight has been added to Samus' Arm Cannon; it will glow red when it intersects with an enemy or certain objects like Item Spheres. However, Samus cannot move, except for jumping, during Free Aim.

Grapple Point AimingEdit

If Samus free aims the Arm Cannon at a Grapple Point, the laser sight will glow blue and the Arm Cannon will automatically select the Grapple Beam if it is not selected (only after it has been acquired), allowing her to grapple onto the Grapple Point without having to manually switch beams. If Samus points it away or lets go of the Grapple Point after latching on, she will automatically switch back to the beam she was using before aiming at the Grapple Point. As a result, Free Aiming at Grapple Points acts as a quick method for switching to the Grapple Beam which is useful in combat situations and the Diggernaut chase sequence.

Official dataEdit

E3 websiteEdit

"Classic Metroid II: Return of Samus gameplay is joined by a wealth of new content, including a set of brand new abilities that utilizes a mysterious energy resource called “Aeion,” a powerful melee counterattack, and 360-degree Free Aim Mode."

Yoshio Sakamoto commentsEdit

We wanted to create a new 2D Metroid with elements no one has seen before, so we were very keen for the series' traditions to evolve, while scratching that Metroid itch the fans have. Take the basic controls for example. Just like in the rest of the series, it'll be possible to make some very precise movements as shown here. Like usual, you can fire shots in the direction you're facing, but by standing still and holding the L Button you can aim and fire in a 360° arc. Until now you could only fire in eight directions, but with Free Aim you can attack in any direction you please. I hope you have fun with this feature during boss fights.

—Yoshio Sakamoto

On-screen tutorialsEdit

  • "Press and hold [L] to lock your position and enter Free Aim mode."
  • "Use [Circle Pad] to aim in the direction you wish to fire beams and missiles."