The Freeze Gun is the newest technology utilized by Federation Soldiers in Metroid: Other M. It is first seen during the battle with the Brug Mass, where Commander Adam Malkovich authorizes the use of Freeze Guns during the battle to attack the beast's tentacles, freezing them and allowing Samus Aran to blast them with her Missiles. After the battle, Adam authorizes each member of the team to carry one during their exploration. It seems to be the Federation Marine equivalent of Samus' Chozo-made Ice Beam.
Metroid Other M Freeze Gun Art 55

Concept art.

The Freeze Guns seem to have a lethal effect on humans as well, as one was used to kill Maurice Favreau by freezing him to death. It is also apparently powerful enough to disable Samus' Power Suit, as Adam shot her with one to prevent her from entering Sector Zero. At the end of the game, MB points a Freeze Gun at Samus and Madeline Bergman, eventually giving it to Madeline, who later uses it on the android.
Madeline Bergman 7

Madeline prepares to stop MB using James' Freeze Gun.

The existence of this technology may be more proof that the Galactic Federation was already developing technology similar to Samus' prior to Metroid Fusion. However, Freeze Guns appear to operate using a considerably different method than the Ice Beam, namely by shooting some form of chemical freezing agent stored in a tank in front of the weapon's trigger.


  • The Freeze Gun is carred in a holster on the right leg similar to Samus' own Paralyzer.
  • The effect of the Freeze Gun seems to be stronger than that of Samus' Ice Beam, as a single shot was able to freeze a Magdollite solid, while it takes a fully charged shot of the Ice Beam just to freeze over a Magdollite's mouth. However, this could be gameplay physics, as the Power Beam in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was much stronger in cutscenes than it was in actual gameplay.

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