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"Frog Speedway" is a room in Norfair in Super Metroid which acts as a shortcut from "Bubble Mountain" to the entry shaft of Norfair.


The Frog Speedway is a log tunnel in Norfair that has a cave in of Boost Blocks near the center of the room, meaning that the Speed Booster is required to go through this room. There are many Beetoms within this room, making it a very good place to farm for Power Bombs. This room is only meant as a shortcut from Bubble Mountain to the entry shaft of Norfair. It is impossible to go through this room to first access Bubble Mountain, as the Speed Booster is beyond said room, but it is a very fast passage through to each side of Norfair. There is a Save Station through a Blue Door on the left, and another Blue Door leading to a room next to Bubble Mountain on the right.



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