Little Birdie fruit

A strange type of fruit is seen in Metroid: Other M. Little birdie is first seen by Samus Aran attempting to eat the fruit, its favorite food, which resembles a large pinecone-like object. Little birdie attempts to stand on it but slips and falls onto its back. After finding Samus watching it, little birdie scurries off, only to later encounter her again.

In regards to appearance, the fruit is mostly pink with yellow accents. The fruit little birdie attempted to eat cannot be interacted with, except for one instance in which it can be examined. More can be seen hanging off of trees, if Samus looks at them in Search View. The object is only present in the room where Samus first encounters little birdie, but then is never seen again apart from in the background.

The fruit that little birdie ate is referred to as such in concept artwork for the Breeding Room. The artwork states: "I put in one living tree. This tree's fruit is Little Birdie's favorite food, but for research purposes, there is only small fruit. Because of that, Little Birdie feels dissatisfied."[1] Despite the mention of fruit being present in the tree, no fruit is present in the actual concept art or even the game in that room.


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