The Fully Powered Suit was acquired by Samus Aran in Metroid: Zero Mission. Known alternatively as the Legendary Power Suit, it was rewarded to Samus upon completion of the Ruins Test, which replaced her weaker, normal Power Suit, lost in her Gunship's crash. This Suit is bulkier than the basic suit Samus was used to, though its notable feature is the larger shoulder pads with green accents that make up the Varia's most recognizable appearance, which first appeared in Metroid II: Return of Samus.

The Legendary Suit is implied to be an older model. Except for the instance in which Samus loses her abilities aboard the Frigate Orpheon (she recovers the Varia Suit's fully-powered appearance after purging Flaahgra), Samus retains the bulkier version of the Varia Suit until it is partially destroyed by the Galactic Federation during her X Parasite surgery at the beginning of Metroid Fusion.

Fully Powered Suit

Samus just after acquiring the Fully Powered Suit.

From its remains the Fusion Suit is created, and the pieces removed in the surgery are infected by the X and turned into the SA-X, which becomes a threat to Samus during her time aboard the BSL. Following the defeat of one of the ten SA-X that would reproduce, Samus regains her genetic condition from prior to the surgery (and a color scheme resembling her old Varia Suit) but the old Varia Suit is not restored.

In Metroid: Other M, the large shoulder pads are retained in the Power Suit, which simply colors the orange suit yellow.

"Fully powered suit" can also refer to Samus when she has obtained all expansions and upgrades in any of the games.