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Fuse Games is an England-based (Cotswolds, Burford) video game developer, here most notable for developing Metroid Prime Pinball. They are currently a second-party company to Nintendo. As of 2009, they are known as Silverball Studios.


Fuse specializes in pinball games, and was founded in 2002 by the creators of the Pro Pinball series, Adrian Barritt and Richard Horrocks, specifically to "create a brand new type of pinball game for the Game Boy Advance" (Official Website).

The company signed their initial contract with Nintendo in 2003, to develop the pinball game Super Mario Ball for the Game Boy Advance (also known as Mario Pinball Land). Metroid Prime Pinball was their second game, released in 2005.

Fuse Games were nominated for "Best New UK/European Studio" and "Best Handheld Studio" in the Develop Awards 2005.


Game Boy AdvanceEdit

  • Mario Pinball Land

Nintendo DSEdit

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