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Temple Grounds

The GF Combat Crane is a technology in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus first encounters the technology in the Industrial Site, and scans an Interface Module to operate it and cause it to lift a Heavy Transport Crate out of the way. The crate is then transported via a winch to the Temple Assembly Site, where a second GF Combat Crane receives the crate and suspends it above a high outcropping. Samus then severs the Combat Crane's cable with Power Beam fire, causing the crate to fall and serve as a platform.


Industrial Site
"Object scan complete. This is a GF Combat Crane. Portable lifting system used by troops to assemble temporary battle structures. Powerful winch system lifts and moves objects quickly."
Temple Assembly Site (Crane arm)
"Winch system receiving power.
Control system active.
Unit is in need of maintenance. Several systems are borderline critical.
Further operations may lead to system failure."
Temple Assembly Site (Interface Module)
"Control system online. Industrial winch engaged."

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