Biopod PED Suit 2

Samus seated in the Biopod.

The GF Mk VI Biopod is a device used by the Galactic Federation medical crew during medical procedures of extreme difficulty. Samus Aran was kept in one for around a month on the G.F.S. Olympus, after the invasion of Norion. It is in this device that Samus was outfitted with the PED Suit. The Federation crew were unable to remove Samus' suit while she was unconscious, so parts of the Varia Suit had to be removed.

The Biopod resembles a metal chair with armrests. A large glowing array is featured behind the seat and links into a capsule that curves around the chair. The device works in tandem with the Biopod Control Platform located nearby, which surgeons can use to assist during medical operation.


"GF Mk VI Biopod. Status normal. Unit is used to perform medical procedures of extreme difficulty."


  • It is possible that similar devices were also used in the Fusion Suit operation (also on Samus), and in her rehabilitation after Super Metroid.


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