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The Galactic Federation Battleship VIXIV is a mid-class battleship commanded by Adam Malkovich in flashback scenes in Metroid: Other M. He also piloted a similar vessel, the Federation Army Special Ops Battleship VIXIV IV in chapters twelve and sixteen of Metroid: Volume 2. The relation between the two vessels, if they are in fact separate, has not yet been made clear.


Federation Army Special Ops Battleship Vixin IV MOM

Metroid: Other M.

The VIXIV's dimensions, as given in the Other M concept art are:

Length 300m
Height 150m
Width 100m


Depicted in flashbacks in Metroid: Other M, the VIXIV is seen above a planet towing the Lusitania, a civilian spacecraft with a malfunctioning drive unit attached. Inside the latter is Ian Malkovich, repairing it. Once it goes critical, Adam orders it to be detached, despite the protests of Samus and the ship's Operators. This action causes Samus to leave the Federation, although she does acknowledge the action was necessary.


  • The Galactic Federation Battleship VIXIV is named after another vessel in the Sakamoto-produced Japanese Game Boy game, X, (predecessor to the Star Fox series) called "Space Tank VIXIV" which departs from an overpopulated Earth in the year XXXX to investigate Tetamus II. An enhanced version of the vessel also appears in the Q-Games DSiWare sequel, X-Scape, (3D Space Tank in PAL regions) accompanied by a droid called "VIX-529."
  • Q-Games' previous DSiWare game, Starship Defense (a.k.a. Starship Patrol and Star Ship Defender) featured a support robot named VIX-2000.