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Galactic Federation Power Suit

When mentioning the power suit, Samus remembers seeing the Deleter wearing one.

The Galactic Federation Power Suit (called Combat Armor in the Metroid: Other M Art Folio) is first mentioned in Metroid: Other M by Samus Aran after she battles the RB176 Ferrocrusher. The Galactic Federation's powered armor is meant to protect the wearer from attack. It is similar to Samus's Power Suit, but it is much less advanced, powerful and resilient. The GF Power Suit comes in different appearances, but this is likely due the different branches of the military. In the Metroid series, for example, Samus encounters the Federation Marines and the Federation Army, and each have different power suits. Not only that, but each powered armor may appear differently for different tasks. In this case, the Demolition Trooper's. Both the marines and the army have large visors but the marines' visors take the shape of the Federation Marine insignia, although again, with the exception of the Demolition Troopers.


  • Sylux's stolen Power Suit from the Federation may be a prototype Marine Power Suit.
  • Concept art for Other M states that armor is applied and removed with a button configuration.[1]

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