Space Pirate

Space Pirate wielding a Galvanic Accelerator Cannon

The Galvanic Accelerator Cannon is a weapon used by Space Pirates in some of their appearances.

The beam is a short blast of red energy. The beam is no longer used by Pirate Troopers in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, as the Pirates upgraded their beam systems to a supposedly more efficient weapon. Instead, they equip their Turrets with Galvanic Accelerator Cannons, making them more powerful. Pirate Commandoes are armed with Pulse Cannons. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the beam has been completely abandoned in favour of new beams powered by Phazon.

The Galvanic Accelerator Cannon is absent in Metroid Prime Pinball; instead, the Pirates use Missiles.


  • Faster variants of the Galvanic Accelerator Cannon are seen in the escape from the Frigate Orpheon in a group of Pirates at Biotech Research Area 1. These are normally killed by the explosion from the Parasite Queen tank, but can be knocked away from this and will then turn on Samus with high-speed fire. [1] The Galvanic Accelerator Cannon variant is double barreled, and the pirate's wielding them lack the forearm mounted sythe, like the other pirates in the frigate.

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