The Gamma Metroid is the fifth stage of a natural Metroid's life cycle. They appear as an enemy in Metroid II: Return of Samus, its remake Metroid: Samus Returns, and as a cameo in Metroid Fusion.

The Gamma stage is an extension of the previous Alpha Metroid's physical structure. Along with an increase in size, durability and strength, the Metroid can now generate electricity to unleash mid-range lighting blasts as both an offensive and defensive measure. Eventually, the organism will shed its entire body to become a Zeta Metroid; the Gamma Metroid can thus be viewed as a mobile pupa with a developing young adult within.

Samus Aran encountered sixteen Gamma Metroids during her mission to SR388.

Physiology Edit

Whereas the previous form had small barb-like growths along its sides, the Gamma Metroid's have now grown into longer, insect-like limbs. Despite this, the creature never touches the ground and perpetually floats in midair. The pair of compound eyes have multiplied into two groups of three and the exoskeleton has spread and thickened, giving additional protection to its membrane and nucleus underneath it. The creature's forehead horn and tusks have become larger and well-defined; it is with these that the Metroid seemingly controls its electric attack.

The remake, Metroid: Samus Returns, makes a few changes to the Gamma Metroids' physiology. They are now capable of using their legs to move along the ground and to jump with them as well. The horn and tusks have been changed into fangs for the new leech-like mouth that has been added between them. Their six compound eyes are red instead of blue.

Behavior Edit

The Gamma Metroid is capable of launching small arcs of static electricity from its head. This lightning attack can deflect Missiles as well as deal damage to Samus. It will constantly try to ram her against her as well. Gamma Metroids can withstand ten direct missiles.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, Gamma Metroids have additional attacks, such as shooting a long-range beam of electricity from their mouths and conducting electricity along the entire floor on which they stand. They will also occasionally drop electric projectiles from their membranes as they fly around. Their melee attacks will consist of a swooping dive attack from the air and a lunging bite when on the ground.

Official dataEdit


"After molting from the lesser mutation, the Metroids will grow much larger, gaining the power to attack with lightning bolts."

Nintendo Power issue 31Edit

"These creatures are much larger than the Alphas and they attack intruders with stinging lightning bolts. Hit them quickly."


  • The mutated Hopping Metroids' physical structure bears a resemblance to the Gamma Metroids'. Both possess a highly developed exoskeleton with four insect-like legs and their membranes are located underneath their bodies. The Hopping Metroid is stated to be an advanced mutation of the Phazon Metroid, which may suggest a similar metamorphosis as well.
    • The remake Metroid: Samus Returns further adds to the resemblance between the Gamma and Hopping Metroid strains with the addition of a jumping attack to the former.


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