Gateway Hall is a room in Bryyo Cliffside, connecting Cliffside Airdock and the Gateway. It consists of two chambers on each side, linked by an ice bridge created by Rundas' Cryokinesis. The chambers both contain various Kashh Plants, as well as frozen Reptilicus. The chamber leading to the Airdock is in the shape of a quarter-circle, while the chamber with the entrance to Gateway is straight and also contains Bryyo Coffers. On the ice bridge, Samus faces the Alpha Hoppers when returning to her ship after establishing the Satellite Uplink on the G.F.S. Theseus. Upon their destruction, she is allowed to continue to her Gunship. Above the walkway are two large Hopper Nests, and beside them are statues that are a monument to the folly of war.

Connecting roomsEdit


Bryyo bridge


Frozen Reptilicus 1
"Bryyo native is encased in solid ice. Scans indicate that the bioform inside is still alive."
Frozen Reptilicus 2
"Bioform appears to have been engaged in combat at the time of being frozen."
Frozen Reptilicus 3
"Scans indicate bioform has sustained fatal spinal fractures from impacting the wall."
Hopper Nest
"Structure identified: Hopper Nest. The exterior is incredibly durable. Life signs detected within."
Ice bridge
"Solid ice mass appears to have been made to gain entry to temple. Ice has not yet begun to thaw."
"GF Database accessed. File BY-550. According to lore, these statues are a monument to the folly of war."
"Statue does not appear to be attached to the ground and could be pulled with enough force."


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