Gearworks is a room in Eastern SkyTown in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is exposed to the outside and Elysia's atmosphere. Various large gears can be seen spinning, hence the room's name. There is very little flooring in this room, so Samus must use the Screw Attack to move through the room. If Samus comes back to this room after obtaining the Ship Grapple Beam, a Space Pirate ATC can be seen destroying the sole platform in the room as well as the gears, which reveals a Missile Expansion. Samus can acquire this expansion and continue her mission to assemble the Theronian Bomb. Depending on how fast Samus can destroy the ATC (which requires Hypermode to destroy it successfully), she can preserve some of the gears.

Connecting roomsEdit



Missile Expansion
See above


"Gears system was once part of a larger network that provided additional power to nearby pods."
Gears (damaged)
"Gears have been severely damaged and no longer operate. They are beyond repair."


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