Gel Processing Site is a room in Bryyo Fire in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

A Secret World can be found in this room: [1]


When Samus Aran first enters the room, she sees Rundas watching her from high up, and he quickly leaves. Before Samus can follow him, she is locked into the room, and three Warp Hounds come to attack her. Upon defeating them, Samus can access an inactive Bomb Slot device on the other side of the room, which was sealed by a gate. This particular Bomb Slot has two volatile spouts of Fuel Gel that, when ignited by charged fire, activates the slot for use.

The Bomb Slot causes a central Fuel Gel processing tower in the room to rise. Samus climbs the tower and finds two retracted maintenance tunnels that can be pulled back with physical stress for her to use shortly. An alcove on the west side features a Fuel Gel flow regulator with a pumping station that Samus must use to summon Fuel Gel leakages, which must be ignited to rotate the regulator. This reveals the opening in the earlier maintenance tunnel that Samus can go through to find a Bomb Slot again with flammable gel spouts, behind an indestructible gate. This raises the tower further.

Samus leaves the chamber and climbs the tower, finding a vat of Fuel Gel that is about to explode, and a valve cap that she can rip off to reveal a spout of more Fuel Gel. Igniting this sends a series of explosions across the walls, blowing up several panels blocking an intricate network of Morph Ball tunnels. These tunnels have flamethrowers that can damage Samus, as well as a block that she can use to both block one of these flamethrowers and reach another section of the tunnel. Samus eventually exits the tunnels to reach a ledge with displays of old Reptilicus ceremonial armor, and the final Bomb Slot, which raises the tower to its final position. Leaping across, Samus finds several ice deposits that will not thaw, and a shimmering green ledge. On-screen instructions tell Samus to jump to this Grab Ledge so that she may automatically pull herself up, bringing her to the room's exit and allowing her to continue her search for Rundas.

Connecting roomsEdit



Age of War
"In the beginning, the conflicts were small, out of sight for most on Bryyo. But they grew, slowly but as steady as the coming of the sun. Diplomacy gave way to brutality, and war came to our world. The Lords of Science turned their minds from exploration to destruction, and unleashed horrors unknown upon their Primal enemies. In retaliation, the Primals turned to the darkest of ancient powers, cursing us, the Science Lords, and all who served our cause. Friends from the stars tried desperately to end the conflict, all in vain. The people of war would not be denied."
Fuel Gel flow regulator (pump deactivated)
"Fuel Gel flow regulator is inactive. Pump must be primed to activate regulator."
Fuel Gel flow regulator (pump activated)
"Fuel Gel flow regulator is not engaged. Igniting the Fuel Gel may force it into position."
Fuel Gel flow regulator (gel ignited)
"Flow regulators engaged. System is at nominal. Maintenance tunnel open."


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