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I had the pleasure of modeling and texturing Samus Aran's various armor suits, her morph balls, and many creatures for Nintendo's/Retro Studio's Metroid Prime. I also textured her weapons and Gun ship. I worked with Andrew Jones, Chris Voellmann, and Todd Keller in posing Samus for a variety of marketing images... one of which appeared to be used for First4Figures statue!

All of the concepts and marketing final paint-overs for Metroid Prime were done by Andrew Jones.

Chris Voellmann modeled her arm cannons.

Art Director Todd Keller

—Gene Kohler, via ArtStation

Gene Kohler

Gene Kohler is a former Retro Studios artist who worked on Metroid Prime, alongside brother Rick Kohler. Kraid, who originally was planned to appear in Prime but cut out due to lack of time, was modeled and skinned by Kohler.

Gene Kohler was one of several character modelers on Metroid Prime. Among his roster of creations that he modeled and skinned are Samus's suits (replacing Rodney Brunet's original model), the Morph Balls, Space Pirates, Flying Pirates, the Fusion Suit easter egg, and the skinning of Samus's weapons and ship.

Before his work on Metroid Prime, Kohler worked on Retro's canceled title Raven Blade for around six months. Mirroring his future position on the Metroid Prime team, Gene headed up the modeling and skinning of many of the title's characters. "It was a fantastic project to work on given that I favor working in the fantasy genre," said Gene. [1]

Kohler currently lives in Dallas, Texas.


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