Generator B Access

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Generator B Access is a room on Norion in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.


Generator B Access 2

The entrance to the morph ball tunnel.

This room cannot be accessed until Samus find the Seeker Missile. This room consists of some gates blocking access to parts of the room, which can never be accessed at any point in the game. Instead Samus must use a Morph Ball tunnel to reach the door that leads to Generator B. Near the door to Generator B, there is a gyroscopic ring system that is offline. Scaning it reveals that it was once part of an energy production unit and appears to have been shut down.

Connecting roomsEdit


Security gate
"Security gate is locked and cannot be damaged by weapons. Unable to access this area."
Gyroscopic ring unit
"Gyroscopic ring unit offline. Part of an energy production unit. Appears to have been shut down."

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