Generator C

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Generator C
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The Generator activating
Game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Planet/Ship Norion
Notable features Fedtech Plasma Generator, Morph Ball maze, shaft, Bomb Slots, jets, electricity
Significance Location of final Generator, beginning of Meta Ridley battle
Enemies/wildlife Pirate Troopers, Gandrayda, "Jolly Roger" Drone, Meta Ridley, Rundas

Generator C is the final generator that must be triggered to activate the planetary defense system to destroy the Leviathan that is hurtling towards Norion. The first Generator was triggered earlier by Samus Aran, and the second one was activated by Rundas. Gandrayda was found in this room hiding among the Space Pirates, the latter which were guarding the Generator to prevent anyone from activating it. When Samus entered the room, Gandrayda, camouflaged as a Space Pirate, immediately started attacking the unsuspecting Pirates and took out the group with ease. After revealing herself, she leaves Samus the task of activating the Generator, saying Machines aren't my thing....

Unfortunately, the Generator gets stuck after initial activation; this promptly opens up the maintenance shafts, allowing Samus (in Morph Ball form) to manually dislodge it. Afterwards, the Generator slowly shifted into its active position, only to have Meta Ridley seemingly block it once more. As Samus looks up and sees the Pirate Enforcer, the latter lunges itself at her and the two fall into a long shaft to the center of the planet. When Meta Ridley is defeated, Rundas shows up and grabs hold of Samus to bring her back up to the top of the shaft. He tells her to meet him in the Control room where the Planetary Defense System can be activated.

This room is no longer accessible afterwards, as Galactic Federation Marines block the room (and the ones before it), notifying Samus that the areas are blocked off due to repairs.

Connecting roomsEdit

Meta ridley battle norion
Samus battles Meta Ridley as they both plummet down the Generator shaft.



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