Generator Hall North is a room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


When entered, Samus will notice that there is a walkway that is secured in place. She must wait for several Fuel Gel tanks to be transported over it via a wire. When destroyed, the walkway will be knocked down and Samus has access to a pumping station; this pump rotates a circular section in a tunnel in the wall, allowing access to a Missile Expansion. This action becomes useful later in the game - Samus can use this tunnel as a shortcut to the upper level of the room (and thus to North Jungle Court, where a generator must be retrieved with the Ship Grapple) by performing a standard Double Bomb Jump.

Connecting roomsEdit



Generator Hall North
Missile Expansion
Samus must use the pumping station to rotate a disc blocking the expansion, which is in the wall. Samus can then use a Morph Ball tunnel to obtain the expansion.


"Walkway is secured in place by clamps. A very strong blast could probably destroy them."
Stone disc
"Stone disc is rotated shut. Unable to pass through tunnel while disc is in current position."
Pumping station
"This unit controls a nearby disc mechanism. Operate the pump to rotate the disc."


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