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Green bio wall

A green Geron blocks the entrance to a Recharge Room.

The Geron (ゲロン?) is an enemy in Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. They appear to be some sort of X biomass, but have visual characteristics like that of a Kago. Geron do not attack, but often obstruct certain areas and serve as a nuisance to Samus, sometimes forcing her to take a longer route to an objective, such as blocking her path in Zero Mission near the Varia Suit. Different weapons are required to destroy different types of Geron, but all can be destroyed instantly with the Screw Attack. However, in Zero Mission, they need to be decomposed by parasites.


Metroid Fusion manualEdit

Destroy hatch-blocking enemies with Missiles."


  • Geron variants tend to get stronger as the game progresses. The Adam Malkovich AI takes note of this when cyan Geron begin to appear: "Samus, I think they are evolving, growing stronger. Some are now appearing that resist your current weapons."
  • When the water level in Sector 4 is lowered, it is possible to see a blue Geron relatively early. To do this, Samus must run into the room before the Data Room, and go through the opening in the bottom left corner. An X will form into a blue Geron in the next room, though Samus can run past it while it forms.
  • If Samus progresses into Metroid Fusion far enough without destroying the first green Geron on the Main Deck, it will disappear.
  • The cyan Geron periodically shake and generate a sound that can be heard even when it is off-screen.
  • They seem to be an X mimic of a Zebes creature that is only susceptible to purple parasites.
  • Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide refers to Geron as a "blocking organism".
  • The atmospheric stabilizer is called the "Geron Air System" on Japanese. This supports the fact that the X mass inside the air system resembles a Geron.
  • Cyan variants can also be destroyed via Shinesparking.