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Multiple Geruda

Multiple Geruda surround Samus in Sector 3.


Geruda (ゲルーダ Gerūda?) is an enemy in Metroid Fusion. They are encountered throughout Sector 3 aboard the BSL Station. They appear somewhat similar to Gerutas in both name and physical structure: they possess large limbs in their front which are used offensively against targets. They typically fly back and forth until an enemy is spotted, which they will then proceed to swoop down upon while raking the foe with their claws. They have a blue body with red arms and white claws. They seem to be immune to the fiery effects of Lava.

Curiously, there is no visible segments or appendages on their bodies that would even logically help them levitate into the air (not even the jet boosters commonly located on Gerutas' hind limbs), and yet they are seen flying above ground in a wave-like pattern using unknown means.