Ghor challenges

Ghor in his armorsuit.

Ghor's Armorsuit is a large, powered armor suit used by the Bounty Hunter Ghor in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It cybernetically enhances Ghor's fighting strength exponentially, but also alters his mood, giving him a more violent temperament.

The Armorsuit is briefly seen without its pilot at the Spire Pod, and can be scanned by Samus. Ghor seems to have left it there for maintenance, as several Aerial Repair Drones can be seen examining it.



Conceptual artwork for Ghor and his Armorsuit

Ghor's suit houses a variety of weapons. Without his suit, Ghor has been shown to be relatively weak in combat, so he relies on his suit for battle. The suit's main weapon is the Plasma Beam, which Ghor employs in both a rapid-fire configuration and as a laser to sweep enemies.

The suit's main guns double as claws for melee combat. A generator housed at the rear of the suit is the only real vulnerable spot; elsewhere, the suit's heavy armor reflects attacks. Ghor's head can also receive damage, briefly stunning both himself and the unit, but normally the generator creates a force field to reflect frontal attacks. A glowing red and blue module deployed underneath the unit during stationary laser attacks can also be damaged to briefly incapacitate the Armorsuit.

Other features include a multi-missile system and thrusters enabling high jumps that generate shockwaves upon landing. Despite its size, the Armorsuit is highly mobile and can perform spin attacks and high-speed rush attacks.

According to a scan, the Armorsuit doubles as a gunship. While this is never actually seen, Ghor's Armorsuit transforms and attempts to escape prior to his defeat in SkyTown, but the critically damaged Armorsuit explodes before it can happen.

Although the Armorsuit originally has orange lights when Ghor is first encountered, they are blue when Ghor is encountered on SkyTown. This is likely due to Ghor's Phazon corruption, implying that the corruption spread to the suit as well due to their close link. This may be similar to the slow changes in the colour of Samus's PED Suit as she becomes more and more corrupted.

Logbook entriesEdit

Hunter Ghor

Temporary scan

Hunter Ghor
Capable of merging cybernetic body into larger mechanisms.

Logbook entry

Ghor is a cybernetic bounty hunter, capable of merging his body into large mechanisms. The most common of these is his armorsuit, which doubles as a gunship and provides him with a formidable combat arsenal. The merges are often accompanied by a shift in personality, replacing his normally calm demeanor with an aggressive attitude. He demonstrates a high proficiency with all things mechanical and is often called upon for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation.


Temporary scan

Morphology: Ghor
Shield repels all weapon fire. Powered by a unit on his back.

Logbook entry

Ghor's energy shield is capable of repelling all weapon fire, but the back-mounted generator is exposed to attack. Overloading the generator could expose the well-protected critical systems behind his battle armor. Ghor's arsenal is considerable. Plasma-based beam weapons, attack claws, and a multimissile system are at the cyborg’s disposal in battle. These battle systems can be combined and fired at once as a devastating alpha strike. Target is also capable of a high-speed ramming attack, although this is potentially dangerous if performed over a slippery surface.


At Spire

"Ghor's powered battle armor. Suit is expanded and empty. Engines have recently been used."

When stunned
"Shield is temporarily down. Ghor's main CPU is open to attack. Vulnerable to all weapon fire."
Shield destroyed
"Lower target appears to be connected to Ghor's main CPU. Vulnerable to ground attacks."
Hypermode activated
"Ghor can now enter Hypermode to increase his offensive abilities. Susceptible to Phazon energy."



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