Ghor 3

Ghor's main CPU is the main processing unit powering the Armorsuit of the Bounty Hunter Ghor. It also serves as his weak spot during the battle with him.

When Ghor charges at Samus, she must first attack the shield generator on his back. Ghor will then spin around, stunned, and the CPU will be exposed. It is represented as a number of radiating circles in the shape of a target. It is vulnerable to Ice Missiles, Charge Beam shots and especially Hypermode. Ghor's CPU cannot be targeted while he is firing missiles at Samus, and after some time will regenerate the shield, forcing Samus to repeat the process.

With half of his health gone, Ghor's shield is no longer usable, forcing him to change tactics to keep the CPU protected. He will absorb the Fuel Gel spilled by Samus's Gunship and use it to power a boosting unit similar to that on a Quad MB. Samus must ram this unit using her Boost Ball to stun Ghor and expose the CPU. With a quarter of his health left, Ghor will enter Hypermode in a desperate attempt to defeat Samus, although this proves to be his undoing as the CPU is fully exposed, allowing Samus to target it and defeat him.


When stunned
"Shield is temporarily down. Ghor's main CPU is open to attack. Vulnerable to all weapon fire."
Shield destroyed
"Lower target appears to be connected to Ghor's main CPU. Vulnerable to ground attacks."

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