MF Golden Pirate Screen1

The Gold Space Pirate as it appears in Metroid Fusion.

Metroid F-Gold Pirate Stand

A Gold Space Pirate is an X Parasite mimicking a Zebesian and through the former's gene manipulation, has given itself a gold-colored exoskeleton. They appear in only a few rooms of the Tourian-like area of Sector 1, most notably before Neo-Ridley's room in Metroid Fusion. They will only come into being when two free-floating X Parasites (often resulting from the deaths of other creatures, such as Genesis), are joined. Gold Space Pirates are very strong and can only be killed by hitting their back with the Charge Beam or Diffusion Missiles; they are also vulnerable to the Screw Attack. They are similar to the Silver Space Pirates of Super Metroid in attack, appearance, and purpose, which is guarding Ridley. They are not to be confused with the Yellow Space Pirates of Super Metroid.

A very strange glitch can occur while fighting these enemies. Normally, Samus would need to attack a Gold Pirate's back, but the game only checks to see if she and the Pirate are facing the same direction. As such, Samus could simply shoot then turn around immediately after, which will still damage the Pirate.

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