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The Golden Statues appear in Super Metroid and are the successors to the Stone Statues encountered in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. Like their predecessors, they have the role of guarding the entrance to Tourian, the Space Pirate headquarters on Zebes.

Each statue represents the four major bosses in the game before Mother Brain. These bosses include Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, and Ridley. Ridley rests atop the head of Phantoon, while Kraid and Draygon are to Phantoon's sides. Each statue's eyes are made up of glowing orbs and are colored differently for each boss: green (Kraid), yellow (Phantoon), blue (Draygon) and red (Ridley). Because of the importance connected to them, the statues heavily imply that Draygon and Phantoon are high-ranking Space Pirates, along with the other two which are already known to be affiliated with the marauding race.

Golden Statue Clean
As Samus defeats the bosses depicted, their corresponding statues' eyes will glow intensively before shattering and will each one-by-one release a ghost-like entity out of their hollowed eyes and lose their golden glow, turn into a shade of gray, and seemingly "die". Strangely, all the eyes except Ridley's statue will flash brightly in their respective color; Ridley's will flash pink, despite the eye being red.

Once all four are defeated, the entire structure will sink to the bottom of the chamber, caving in the floor and revealing the entrance to Tourian, which is underwater. Note that some points of the statue will be covered in moss once submerged in water.

There is a glitch used in tool-assisted speedruns of the game, where Samus can use a Door Jump (similar to the original Metroid) to completely bypass the Golden Statues and enter Tourian without killing a single boss.[1]

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