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The Golden Torizo is a Torizo that Samus Aran encounters in Ridley's Lair on planet Zebes. Compared to the Bomb Torizo that Samus encountered earlier in her mission, the Golden Torizo is stronger and more intelligent. The Golden Torizo, unlike the previous one, is stuck to the ceiling and enters the room by falling to the ground. As well as being able to spew fireballs and energy waves at Samus (like the weaker version), it can also use boulders as weapons. Normal Missiles are mostly ineffective against the Golden Torizo, who will simply turn to the side and dodge them, though with timing they can still damage it; Super Missiles are not entirely effective either, as the Golden Torizo will grab them in mid-flight and throws them back at Samus, however it can only hold one Super Missile at a time so a barrage of missiles can damage it. The Charge Beam is also highly effective, as the Golden Torizo will not dodge or grab it. The Golden Torizo starts out gold, but gradually gets duller until it is colored brown much like the original Bomb Torizo. Upon defeating the Golden Torizo, Samus will be rewarded with the Screw Attack.

As well as being able to spew explosive Item Spheres and energy waves at Samus like the weaker version (though the latter attack is now shot at an incredible rate), its open chest will seemingly 'lay' egg formations that quickly hatch into bird-like creatures (resembling Wallfires) that melt away after charging forward at Samus.

Super Metroid Players' GuideEdit

Page 44
"The Golden Torizo, much like a mini guardian, isn't too difficult to defeat. Use a combintion of Super Missiles and Charge Beam, hitting the stones he throws to gain power-ups."



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