The Grand Court Path is a passageway in the Bryyo Cliffside, explored by Samus Aran while attempting to find a way to reach the GFS Theseus. This enclosed corridor contains a stair-like structure, leading to a small chamber. The chamber leads to a second corridor, blocked by Phazon vines. These growths can be destroyed by Hyper Beam blasts, after which Samus can continue into a stone hallway that contains Bryyo Coffers. There is an upper level that can be accessed, leading to a Missile Expansion and a view of the room's hallway through a stone enclosure. It may also be seen from the chamber room.

Connecting roomsEdit


  • A few Shelbugs
  • Three Hoppers (Upon destruction of Phazon growths and previous returns other than that after acquiring the Grapple Lasso)
  • One Reptilicus (Upon return after obtaining the Grapple Swing)


Missile Expansion
After climbing all of the 'stairs," Samus can turn around to discover some stone with ignitable Fuel Gel. After igniting it, she Space Jump to a new alcove to reach an upper level. After traveling through a couple of corridors containing some Shelbugs, she can obtain this item.


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